Conference programme

Friday 21 November 2008
Buckingham House, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK
10.00 Registration and coffee

10.25 Welcome
Terry Barker, Cambridge Econometrics


Origin and lessons I
Chair: John Llewellyn, former Senior Economic Policy Advisor, Lehman Brothers

Philip Arestis, Director of Research, Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy New Consensus Macroeconomics and Keynesian Critique

Paper (pdf 119kb)
Presentation (pdf 64kb)

Discussant: Michael Kitson, Judge Business School, Cambridge

Presentation (pdf file 650kb)


Origin and lessons II
Chair: Anatole Kaletsky, The Times

Elias Karakitsos, Director of Guildhall Asset Management and Chairman of Global Economic Research. Lessons from the Current Crisis for Macro-theory and Policy.

Paper (pdf 238kb)
Presentation (pdf 413kb)

Discussant: Michelle Baddeley, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

12.30 Lunch


Modelling the crisis
Chair: Andrew Harvey, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

Hashem Pesaran, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge. Transmission of financial and real shocks in the global economy using the GVAR.

Presentation (pdf 876kb)

Discussant: Mike Wickens, University of York

Presentation (pdf 19kb)


The European perspective
Chair: Andrew Ross HM Treasury

Leonardo Gambacorta, Central Bank of Italy. Is there a credit crunch? Possible insights for the conduct of monetary policy.

Presentation (pdf 243kb)

Discussant: Luisa Corrado, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

Presentation (pdf 317kb)

15.30 Tea


Chair: Saxon Brettell, Head of Research, City of London Corporation

Terry Barker, Chairman of Cambridge Econometrics. Causes, consequences and solutions to the global financial crisis.

Paper (pdf 153kb)
Presentation (pdf 298kb)

Discussant: William Keegan, The Observer

17.15 Press conference

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